The sativa plant is a familiar one to many cannabis users. While sativa was the first of the two predominant cannabis species. This strain is known for its energetic and even euphoric effects, while sativa’s indica counterpart is more sedating and calming.

One of the best type of sativa weed , is the Diesel Strain, which is our primary commodity at SATIVA ONLINE MARKET. Below, you can read more on this strain. We do still have other Sativa and hybrid products for your pleasure and relaxation.

Diesel dates back to over twenty years ago. The strain is one of the most hard-hitting strains that everyone talks about without knowing the full history of origin of the strain. This is because there are many versions on its origin. For many people the origin is not important just as long as their favourite strain gives them the high they want. It however does not cot anything to know just a little about where all the fame of the strain started.

When  Diesel first entered the market, a lot of secrecy shrouded the cannabis community. This however did not prevent weed users from clamouring for it. People would do almost anything in the book to get their hands on  Diesel. Having Diesel brought with it mind controlling games, backstabbing and power pray. It was simply a sour strain. Other than the sour story of the highly potent strain, its origin remains uncertain to date.

Types of Diesel Strains:

There are several strains under the Diesel Umbrella . Some of these strains include;

Sour Diesel Strain

Lilac Diesel Strain

Blue City Diesel Strain

Blue Diesel Strain

Cherry Diesel

And a lot of our strains you can get to discover by searching in our shop.


Sour Diesel Strain

Sour Diesel is a potent strain with a high sativa  presence. The strain is 90% sativa and 10% indica. It is also one of the most popular auto-flowering sativa strains in the market today. The chunky round calyxes of the strain are one of the giveaways that it is a potent strain. The strain also comes with higher than average THC levels as compared to many other strains.

Both recreational smokers and those seeking medicinal benefits from marijuana use Sour Diesel in equal measure. The strain has the perfect mood lifting effects that many users adore. It also helps to enhance energy levels, which helps those with medical problems start their day in a good note. One puff of sour strain in the morning takes away anxiety and depression for many of the smokers.

The strain is also great for battling stress and fatigue. This is especially for people that suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders, the strain also stimulates creativity as the high targets the brain.

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