Banana Diesel

Banana Diesel. Comprised of Banana Kush and Super Sour Diesel, this flavorful strain is a super heady high that will whip your creative side into full gear. The energized feeling that comes with this high is sure to get you through any lull with razor sharp focus and a side dose of the munchies.

The THC levels of this strain are notable, ranging from 20% to 23% on average, and is complemented by the above 1% CBD average. Because of the CBD and THC contents, this strain is a great help to anyone suffering from stress but it’s not typically recommended for those who rely on CBD for treatment. The buds of Banana Diesel burst with flavor as you might expect from a cannabis flower with that name, and boast aromas of diesel, nuttiness, and of course ripe, sweet banana. The palate isn’t too far off, though there are hints of tanginess on the forefront of the smoke. The flowers are lightly orange-hued but they are typically olive green with red-orange hairs and a frosting of resinous trichomes.

Banana Diesel


For medical treatments, Banana Diesel is highly effective on mood disorders and mental illnesses such as bipolar, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, and mild cases of anxiety. As it is extremely stimulative you’ll feel your emotions level out and your mood lifts almost instantly.  In addition to its uplifting properties, the CBD levels of this strain help with pain relief, headaches, and nausea.

Many gardeners have stated that this plant is great for a beginner or intermediate, making it a good stepping stone strain. That is if you can get your hands on the seeds. Though it is a fairly versatile plant, growing both indoors and outdoors just fine. It is increasingly hard to come by and may pose more of a problem in that respect than the actual raising of the plant itself. For indoor growth expect a 7-to-8 week flowering time with an average yield. For outdoor cultivation, you can expect a late September to early October harvest.

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