Blackberry Diesel Strain

Blackberry Diesel. The flavors might make you think this is a sweet, easy-going, dessert-like strain, but we assure you this is not one to underestimate. Blackberry Diesel is a hard to find bud that delivers a one-two punch of flavor and potency. By combining East Coast Sour Diesel and Plushberry, breeders at New420Guy Seeds give users a blissful high and one you’ll be gushing to all of your friends about.

This musky bud offers up a super high THC average of 21% and an addictive flavor palate that rolls from earthy honey to rich dark berries. The aromas, as mentioned, are super musky with earthy undertones and tart diesel. Blackberry Diesel buds are neon green with a thick carpet of golden hairs and bright white trichomes. The dark purple and green undertones highlight the berry and honey on the tongue.

Typical Effects of Blackberry Diesel Strain

Blackberry Diesel gives off an upbeat and wide awake high straight from the first puff. It begins with a cerebral rush that sends tingles throughout your body. Your scalp will tingle, your face will tingle, your hands will feel suddenly light. As your muscles relax, your focus will do the opposite. The energy kicks in and your motivation will soar, making this is great strain to get a lot done with. If you’re having a fatigued day, try this little gem and get the pep back in your step.

This plant does very well inside or outside so long as temperatures are steady without dramatic swings from high to low and vice versa. The flowers are large and fat and are fully developed when resin at the tip of the trichomes become visible to the naked eye. Flowering times vary from 8 to 9 weeks with excellent harvests. This is a very pungent strain, so if discretion is necessary, make the investment in smell proofing.

This blissful and super creative strain is great for the artist’s slump or to get past the writer’s block keeping you down. Enjoy this strain during the day for best results, but who is to say that an evening snack isn’t in order from time to time? Blackberry Diesel is a potent strain, so flavorful you’ll have a hard time not reaching for it again and again.

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