Desert Diesel Strain

Desert Diesel Strain crosses Sour Diesel with Emerald Mountain DAD (Diesel Afghan Diesel). Deep rich flavors and aromas of sweet fruit, sandalwood, and diesel emit from the rich buds with dense trichomes. Truly a creative strain, Desert Diesel is for dreamers, creators, and adventurers.

Desert Diesel is a slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. This strain was first grown in the United States by legendary cannabis collective Humboldt Seed Organization. This cannabis collective is comprised by a number of very prominent and some secretive growers in the infamous “Emerald Triangle,” a cannabis gold mine in Humboldt County, California. Desert Diesel is a potent cross of Emerald Mountain DAD and Amherst Sour Diesel. Desert Diesel has made quite a name for itself as it packs quite a punch in the form of a super heady cerebral high. This daytime strain often tests for THC concentrations around 19%, though some harvests have seen test results in excess of 20%.

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Despite Desert Diesel’s sativa dominance, the nugs grow in shapes that you would typically expect from indica-dominant hybrids. These spade-shaped flowers are almost always mint green in color. With a number of undertones that range from deep violet to bright orange depending on the growing conditions. Most of the photographed Desert Diesel on the internet shows buds that have an incredibly rich violet color which help give the plant a lot of bag appeal.

The aroma produced by Desert Diesel flowers is quite pungent. As it retains that classic Sour Diesel smell with a bit of sharp citrus thrown in for good measure. Some reviews for this strain mention the flowers also producing a slightly sweet earthy aroma.  This is likely the result of an exceptional curing process. The flavor is quite sweet, as users have reported tasting a somewhat milky blend of sweet fruit, sour citrus, and a bit of musky earth. Keen palates will be subject to a powerful spicy aftertaste that will have you going back for hit after hit.

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