OZ kush Strain

OZ kush Strain

OZ Kush, also known as “The OZ Kush” and “O.Z. Kush,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the infamous Kush X Haze strains.



OZ kush strain is a new product that was introduced to the market some few months back. The strain has increasingly become popular and loved by many.  Its name tells you so because it’s fruity and dessert-like aroma and taste are truly pleasing to the senses. Its name tells you so because it’s fruity and Desert like Aroma and taste are truly pleasing to the senses. This strain gives tingles to your taste buds as it will let you drift to the relaxation that you deserve.

Staying true to its OZ kush heritage , it is famous for its fruit and dessert-like aroma. Although OZ kush buds take on a dense structure. that is representative of its parental lineage while emitting an aroma all its own.

Effects OZ kush strain.

Its alluring flavor has the foundation of apples and hints of fruity, sweet and candy-like taste. It will surely give you a strong high that will relax every bit of your muscles. So better consume this weed during lazy days and after a busy day. It can even put you in a couch-lock state.  Hence, You can Search for OZ kush weed for sale Belgium, OZ kush weed. To get more information about this strain. Also, often asked if OZ kush Sativa or Indica.

Medically, OZ kush is known to help in solving intense sleeping problems. This strain is also known to help greatly to treat Depression. Depression is fairly widespread without most people even knowing they have it.  Also, OZ kush weed is known to work perfectly in treating cancer and many other illnesses.

Packaging of the strain.

Can i guess what is on your mind now?. Let me get it right. “How do you guys package your weed”. There we go. It should be noted that all exotic and cookies strains on our sites all packages in their official bags as seen on our website. Isn’t that amazing?. Yes it is. Therefore you don’t have to pay extra for the bags. Then,  Ain’t we the best in the market from this?. Therefore you can place your orders now. OZ kush strain price.

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