Raspberry Diesel

Raspberry Diesel. Morning time can be difficult for all of us, so we don’t blame you if a little extra help is needed to get your day going. When you want a boost of energy that tastes amazing, coffee is one option, but this Diesel strain might also fit the bill. Hailing from Humboldt Seed Organization, this sativa-dominant strain is a cross between Sour Diesel and Sweet Cherry Afghan.

Ideal for most types of users, Raspberry Diesel ranges in potency from 15% up to 21%. Thereby making her a welcome addition to nearly anyone’s regular lineup. Oversized nugs take on a rather pale appearance with light green coloration that extends into her pistils. However tons of trichomes and a thick layer of resin work to balance things out. As one would guess, her flavors and aromas border on overly sweet with a very strong punch of raspberry that’s accompanied by anise, gas, and a bit of sourness.

Raspberry Diesel;

While she likely won’t be a replacement for a good night of sleep, this strain has been known to work wonders when it comes to both your mood and your productivity levels. Many users note that Raspberry Diesel kicks in right away with an intense feeling of euphoria. Thus allowing them to simply wipe away the worries of the day. For some, the ability to focus is increased as well, making this bud a nice option for a busy workday. Functional is the key phrase to remember . While many strains leave you practically drooling on the couch, this bud typically works to amplify your day to day activities and leaves you with only a slight feeling of relaxation.

Seeds of this luscious strain are pretty easy to find online, making Raspberry Diesel a favorite among home cultivators.  Raspberry Diesel makes for a great plant to help hone your cultivation skills.

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