Strawberry Diesel Strain

Strawberry Diesel Strain

Sunset Sherbet is one of the most flavorful and unique tasting medical marijuana strains on the market today. It is a hybrid descendant of Girl Scout Cookies, which is a sativa-dominant hybrid, and little is known about what else it contains. Sunset Sherbet exhibits powerful full-body effects elevated by a jolt of cerebral energy



What Is the Strawberry Diesel Strain? The Strawberry Diesel strain is a perfectly-balanced hybrid (50:50). This cross of NYC Diesel and Strawberry Cough has a pretty wide THC range of between 17-27%. Strawberry Diesel’s incredibly high top-end THC level is offset by a very low CBD content of around 0.22%.

This Diesel strain is a strain that really sticks to its name – as it boasts a flavor profile just like strawberry and diesel. It may shock you at first because it’s so potent, but its unique flavor will grow on you as time goes on. Besides the fruity and industrial flavor, it offers a creative and relaxing high that many say is a great strain for focus – so it’s perfect for afternoon use in the midst of a busy day.

While Strawberry Diesel’s early effects are predominantly sativa, its indica effects take over and produce a relaxing high blood. Some find this strain helps with focus and drive in its initial stages due to the clear-headed nature of its cerebral effects.

You can probably guess what this flower is going to smell and taste like by its name.

Strawberry Diesel’s fragrance is a combination of a pungent diesel odor with a sweet fruity scent. Mild earthy tones give Strawberry Diesel a slightly dank smell.

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If you’re looking for some delicious flower, you may find it in the Strawberry Diesel strain. While the thick diesel taste is quite pungent, it is offset by more pleasant sweet strawberry-like notes. The taste lingers for a long time afterward, and it’s what brings many fans of this strain coming back for more.

Strawberry Diesel’s buds are medium green, and the plant has a generous coating of frosty trichomes. The pistils are vibrant orange and stand out prominently. Height-wise, a Strawberry Diesel plant typically reaches around 44 inches when fully grown.

The good news for those wishing to grow this plant is that it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The bad news, however, is that its grow difficulty is rated as moderate. Therefore, you will need to have a bit of experience growing cannabis plants if you want to grow Strawberry Diesel.

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