White Diesel

AK 47 ( Sativa). White Diesel is an extremely potent hybrid that gets the honor of calling itself both well balanced and well bred. This cross between the two already popular NYC Diesel and White Widow strains is a bold high that brings intensity to each aspect of its lifespan, from seeding to smoking. The White Label Seed Company, which is a fan favorite in and of itself, has outdone itself with this uplifting high sure to grab your attention and hang on for dear life.

This strain boasts an insane THC level of 22% on average, giving it a consistently strong bang for the buck. The initial onset of energetic sativa effects makes the super strong palate of diesel fumes worth stomaching if you are looking for a boost to begin your high. The buttery flavors and zestiness of the bud come out on the tail end and will hopefully wash out any of the astringent flavors the Diesel strains can sometimes produce. The buds are minty green with bright orange hairs and a frosting of resinous trichomes sure to satisfy your eye.

Typical Effects White Diesel


The White Diesel buzz is a lazy one, though not all around tiring. In the beginning, experienced smokers run very little risk of falling asleep. This well balanced high flows seamlessly through body and mind, stimulating creative thought while relaxing you to the core. Euphoric and vibrant, this bud is considered an evening strain. As it will warm you from limb to limb, giving your body the sedative-like chill and allowing your muscles to completely let go. It’s safe to assume you’ll find yourself in a full night of rest in a very short amount of time.

Medicinal users love this strain for its ability to ease off chronic pain and muscle spasms, letting the smoker finally relax pain-free. As it is also highly stimulative, White Diesel is great for treating lack of appetite, digestive issues, and fatigue. Depressive disorder, bipolar, stress, and anxiety are also greatly benefited by ingesting this strain.

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